Taking the Risen Son to the Land of the Rising Sun

About The Lighthouse, Tokyo


The Lighthouse is a proposed Christian community house in Tokyo, Japan. Planned for 2015, the house will be a warm and welcoming home, and a place of genuine hospitality.


The strategy


The Lighthouse aims to become a beacon of hope and light in the heart of Japan's capital city. The intention of the community is twofold: first, to create a safe and nurturing Christian ‘family’, where everyone loves and supports each other; second, to connect and share the gospel with as many people as possible.


Everything is evangelism


Whether we get the neighbours round for a coffee or invite them to an Alpha Course, the Lighthouse approach will be the same: everything we do is evangelism. Some of the other ways we intend to reach out are:


- English classes or language exchange

- Open house parties

- Sports groups

- Walking tours of the city

- Museum and gallery visits

- Book clubs

- Movie/games nights


As far as possible we will try to minimise the expense of our outreach activities, and conduct them in both English and Japanese.